Inconvenient Friend.

Inconvenient Friend. When you think about your friends.. you may have different ones in different categories right? You know… the friend you call when you want to party, the friend you call when you want to study, the friend you may call for financial advice, etc. If your car broke down, and you needed a […]

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Protect Your Energy (Part 2)

Wellllll, how was it? Did you pay yourself first? If so, I’m sure the feeling was indeed a rewarding one, but now you may say, “How in the heck is starting my day off with peace going to get me through the day? It doesn’t change all the B.S. I deal with daily!” This is […]

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Protect Your Energy (Part 1)

This may seem like a simple statement and also very simple to do: BLOCK OUT ALL NEGATIVITY, DUH! Well yes, that’s a start.. Protecting your energy is a process that starts with yourself. Many people will stop reading at this point and that’s expected because many of us like to skip the self work! It […]

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